Best Baby Sleep Product

Best Baby Sleep Product

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Today is World Sleep Day (March 19, 2021) so we find it more than appropriate to announce a new award by sleep experts, who believe Lulla Owl is one of the Best Baby Sleep Products.

Lulla Owl acknowledged by sleep experts

The team at Sleeping Ocean just chose Lulla Owl as one of the Top 10 Baby Sleep Products.

The team, which is led by Alex Savy, a Certified Sleep Science Coach, chose ten products that have the potential of making parents’ life easier, and babies’ sleep better.

On the list you’ll find great products, such as the Smart Sock by Owlet and a Calming Lotion by California Baby. We are honored to be included in the list with these quality products.

The full Lulla Owl review by SO:

“Lulla Owl is a real gem, in my humble opinion. This little doll is more than just a cute décor piece for your baby’s bedroom. It’s actually a smart device that can imitate the closeness of a caregiver, allowing your baby to remain calm and comforted.

The Lulla Owl offers 24-hour sounds of heartbeat and breathing. It means your baby will feel the presence of a caregiver even when you are not there. It can come in handy during sleep training (when you can’t stay in your baby’s room all the time) or simply when you want your little one to feel safe and, most importantly, not alone.

This little toy is soft and pleasant to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about potential skin irritation. However, you can also attach the Lulla Owl to your baby’s crib or stroller using a handy velcro strap. Also, the toy is machine washable, which means you can easily keep it clean and safe for your baby.”

Sleep Tips

The Sleeping Ocean team also shares some common sleep issues in babies and how to deal with them. These issues are:

  • Mixing up day and night
  • Sleep regression
  • Not being able to fall asleep independently
  • Feeling too alert before bed

Read all their recommendations and tips in their article.

We’ve also been sharing some great sleep tips and useful information lately on our Instagram page. See more in the story category "Tips".

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