Lulla Owl Awarded Again by Professionals

Lulla Owl Awarded Again by Professionals

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Lulla Owl wins GOLD as Night-time Comforter and Sleep Aid at the Made for Mums Awards 2021. 

Best night-time comforter and Sleep aid

Lulla Owl has recently won GOLD at the UK based Made for Mums awards in the category: Night-time Comforter / Sleep Aid. ⁠Gold is the highest level of the awards given in each category.
This award proves that we’ve once again created a premium Sleep Aid for babies.⁠

Why it’s a winner

According to Made for Mums ⁠this is the reason why Lulla Owl is the winner: 

Many baby sleep aids have automatic shut-offs at around 20 minutes, but this magical little owl can play its soothing heartbeat and breathing sounds for up to 24 hours. It’s also designed to be as simple as possible for use with small babies, with no plush filling and a design that’s more like a comforter than a cuddly toy. Our testers found it contributed to a marked difference in their child’s sleep, but they recommended introducing it early for the best results. It proves that sometimes simple is best.⁠

In the words of tester Sarah, mum of a 9-month-old: 

“From the first night using the Lulla Owl my baby has slept the best he’s ever slept. I can’t believe the difference! I have used other brands that have the soft lights and white noise to no avail, but the breathing and heartbeat noises from the Lulla Owl have worked wonders!”⁠

Lulla Owl

Lulla Owl


- New in the Lulla doll collection - The Lulla Owl is a soother and sleep companion for the smallest babies and is also great on the go. Lulla Owl is inspired by scientific research and based on the design of… read more

Sold Out

So what is the Lulla Owl all about?

In 2020 we introduced new products to our Lulla doll collection: the Lulla Owl and cozy outfits for the Lulla dolls. The Lulla owl had been in development for quite some time and our goal was to develop a product that would suit the smallest children even better and be allowed in most hospitals. 

We also wanted to launch a product that would be great on the go, at an affordable price and still included the amazing sound Lulla doll has, which has helped thousands of children all over the world sleep better. 

When we figured out a way to include all these aspects into one product we knew it would be a success. And now, seeing small babies soothe themselves to sleep by grabbing the owl’s feathers and receiving awards, where professionals and parents are the judges, we know we’ve created another amazing product that will give babies comfort, better sleep and the feeling of closeness.

Lulla owl baby sleep aid


Lulla Owl is safe for babies

As with the Lulla doll, the Lulla owl is safe to use for babies from birth. The owl should always be placed outside of the crib, or sleeping area, for sleeping babies under 12 months as recommended in the AAP guidelines.

Lulla Owl can be securely attached to the outside of a crib or bed with attachment straps hidden inside a pocket on its back. The straps can also be used to fasten the owl to a stroller or car seat for comfort on the go.

The benefits of the owl can be experienced when the sound is turned on, even when placed out of reach. The benefits are the same as with the Lulla doll but that is comfort, stability and better sleep. 


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