Lulla Owl has won its first award - NAPPA 2021

Lulla Owl has won its first award - NAPPA 2021

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Lulla Owl - Best Baby Essential

We are so pleased to announce that Lulla Owl has won its first award ever! Lulla Owl is a winner at National Parenting Awards (NAPPA) 2021 in the category “Best Baby Essential”.

Lulla Owl is a brand new product, based on the same scientific research as the multi-awarded Lulla doll sleep aid. Research shows that closeness has many positive effects for babies, especially the sounds of heartbeat and breathing.

The Lulla Owl is a soother and sleep companion for the smallest babies and also great on the go. Soft, small and lightweight, the owl has no plush filling, making it an even safer option for hospitals and the most sensitive babies.

With 24h sounds of natural heartbeat and breathing, the Lulla Owl offers continuous comfort and support.

Lulla Owl

Lulla Owl


- New in the Lulla doll collection - The Lulla Owl is a soother and sleep companion for the smallest babies and is also great on the go. Lulla Owl is inspired by scientific research and based on the design of… read more

Evaluation comments

The owl received many great evaluation comments. See examples of them here:

"The owl feels very soft and well-constructed. The material is good quality and the colors are soothing pastels. The sound box fits inside the pocket securely, and the battery case is protected with a screw."

"This is a good sleep companion to have for a newborn and it even works for toddlers! It’s something that can transition between the stages."

"The Velcro strap easily attaches the owl to a crib, car seat or stroller for on-the-go use."

"This would make a wonderful baby shower gift! It’s presented well, and is a great sleep companion for newborns."


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