Lulla dolls donated to children in Uganda

Lulla dolls donated to children in Uganda

Sunna Ósk Ómarsdóttir Sunna Ósk Ómarsdóttir

Recently we sent over 30 Lulla dolls and clothes to Uganda, to children who live in poor conditions. This project was made possible with the help from several partners.

Child Health Community Centre

CHCC is a non-profit organization located in Uganda and Iceland. This organization makes it possible for the Icelandic nation to sponsor children in Uganda and make donations towards projects connected to the organization’s work. 

Earlier this year CHCC and we at RoRo decided to collaborate on a project very close to our hearts. Most of the children which CHCC takes under its wing only have very limited clothes and toys - if anything. Many of them live either alone or with their grandmother and are therefore deprived of closeness, hugs and comfort. This is why we found it important to send these children Lulla dolls.

Lulla doll packages

Great collaboration

Together with CHCC’s staff a list of children under the age of 8 was made and we started collecting clothes that would fit each child. Every child was given a Lulla doll, clothes and a photo of themselves.

When the packages were ready and had been shipped overseas, all we could do was wait and look forward to hearing from CHCC abroad about the distribution of the gifts. The children live in different villages, so we knew it would take some time to give all their children their gifts.

A beautiful companionship

When the boxes arrived in Uganda, CHCC distributed the gifts to the children and provided us with photos when the gifts arrived and again a few weeks later. Now the children have owned their dolls for a couple of months and it’s beautiful to see that they’re playing with the dolls, hugging them and walking around with them - a beautiful companionship.

Children in Uganda with Lulla doll

The ones who made this possible

Jónar Transport, an Icelandic freight forwarder, ​​supported the project by shipping the products from Iceland to Uganda. An important element of this donation.

Pixel, a printing service in Iceland, provided us with a photo of each child, so they could see and own a photo of themselves, and a way for us to make each package even more personal.

A number of partners helped us provide clothes for the children, both individuals and other non-profit organisations, such as ABC Children’s Aid in Iceland. We really appreciate all the gifts.

Thank you all who made this possible! <3

Lulla doll

Lulla doll


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