Over 100 dolls donated to children with autism

Over 100 dolls donated to children with autism

Sunna Ósk Ómarsdóttir Sunna Ósk Ómarsdóttir

In April over 100 Lulla dolls were donated to charities related to children with autism. The donations were greatly appreciated and we received great feedback from the organizations who distributed the dolls to children in need for comfort and better sleep.

Autism Awareness Month

April is international autism awareness month. A lot of great organizations are dedicated to supporting autistic children and their families, creating awareness and providing the community with the information and education needed on the topic.⁠

We have seen how Lulla doll can help children with autism find security and comfort, and sleep better. It’s therefore very important to us that as many children as possible, who have a strong need for it, get the support that Lulla provides.⁠

Lulla doll Donated to a Number of Organizations

This year we chose to work with a number of organizations in the US, such as:⁠
Boston Children’s Hospital, Autism treatment center of Texas, Children’s National Hospital, Marcus Autism Center and Stanford University School of Medicine.⁠

Over 100 dolls were donated to these hospitals, treatment centers and to a toy drive for children with autism in Ukraine.⁠

“Children with autism are twice as likely to have issues sleeping than neurotypical children. We applaud the work these organizations do and are proud to support them with the donation of our dolls to help children in their programs sleep better and feel more comforted.”
- Eyrún Eggertsdóttir, founder and CEO at RoRo

Children with autism in Ukraine with Lulla doll

Lulla doll Well Received

The donations were greatly appreciated and we received great feedback from the organizations, such as from the Autism treatment center of Texas:

“We received the dolls yesterday. They are wonderful!
We have already shown them to some of our kids. 
They were very fascinated and enjoyed holding and listening to them.
Both male and female children were interested.
I can't thank you enough.”

The medical school of Stanford University, in collaboration with Foundation of United Hearts in Ukraine, hosted a toy drive for children with autism, where Lulla doll was included. We were amazed by the results of this donation:

“Thank you for sending us a shipment of Lulla Dolls, they have been a HUGE success based on positive testimonies received from parents.
These dolls have been proven effective and significantly helped children with autism who are going through change, relocation and instability due to the current situation in Ukraine”

A huge thank you to @lulla_doll for their generous donation to the Stanford Child Mental Health Projects for Ukraine's toy drive. The Lulla soothing/companion dolls have provided tremendous comfort to children who are suffering from the tragedies of war. We are so grateful. 

Life can already be complicated and challenging when you're on the spectrum, but living in a world where you regularly have to listen to the sounds of air raid sirens, hide in bomb shelters (where you meet strangers you're not used to being around) and you can't keep you're regular routine at school, where you see familiar faces of your teachers and other children, it's extremely difficult being a kid in general, let alone a child with autism.

This is the life the parents described to us, which they are living now, and we're so thankful that they took their time to give us feedback, in all that's going on in their lives already.
Children with autism holding Lulla doll
From Foundation of United Hearts' Facebook page

Positive Feedback from Parents

One parent told us that their child felt more calm holding the doll, while staying in a metro for 3 hours, waiting for air rid sirens to go off.
Other parents told us Lulla doll helped their children fall asleep by themselves (which one had never done before), sleep better throughout the night and calm down before bed.
Thank you SO MUCH Stanford University School of Medicine for allowing us to participate in this project! We will definitely donate more dolls to children with autism in Ukraine, as we can see how much the Lulla doll can help in the horrific situation they are living in now.

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