The Transition from Crib to Bed

The Transition from Crib to Bed

Rebecca Michi, Sleep Consultant Rebecca Michi, Sleep Consultant

Here are some tried and tested tips, from Rebecca Michi, a certified sleep consultant, to help with the transition from crib to bed.

When is the best time to move a child from crib to bed?

If your child begins to climb out of the crib, sigh, it's time to move them to a bed.

You're ready to make the move… but how? 

Ultimately, only you will know the best way to introduce the idea of sleeping in a big bed, as you are the parent and you know your child best.

However, here are some tried and tested tips to help you decide the path to take:

Involve your child in the transition as much as you can

Take your little one shopping with you to help choose the bed or at least the bedding. Invest in some covers they are excited about; let's make their new bed as appealing as you can!

Toddler bed

Photo from Lindsey Lee, photographer

Make sure your child knows how grown up they are!

Kids love to be told that they are no longer babies, and moving to a bed is a huge step in their little lives. Make sure they know that this is a sure sign that they are growing up.

Try to position the bed close to the same spot as the crib

If this isn't possible, talk to your child about the new bed and where it will go. If you can, do this a week or so before the bed arrives so that it comes as no surprise. You may find this easier if your crib transitions to a toddler bed. If you do transition from a crib to a toddler bed, adjust the bed as early in the day as possible and have plenty of playtime in the room

throughout the day; this way, it's not a surprise when it comes to bedtime.

Help your child feeling safe

Bed rails are great for helping children feel secure in their beds and helping ease parents' minds.

Keep their favourite blankets and their sleep companions/loveys nearby. Your little one still needs their familiar comforts, and by having them in their new bed, or attached to the bed, they will feel reassured at bedtime.

Sleeping with Lulla doll

Lulla doll can help your child feel safe in bed

Create some rules about getting out of bed

Once you've made the move and the crib has gone, you may find that the new bed takes a little getting used to for you and them! Agree on some rules about getting out of bed.

Be patient and stick to long-term habits you all are comfortable with

It's going to take a little while for your child to adjust to their new bed, and sleep may get a little wonky as they adjust. Don't panic; give them the support they need and try not to introduce any habits you are not prepared to do long term. Yes, sitting next to your child whilst they fall asleep may help them tonight, but next month when they're goofing around for 45 minutes before falling asleep may not feel appealing.

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Lulla doll


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