Yoga and Meditation with Children

Yoga and Meditation with Children

Sunna Ósk Ómarsdóttir Sunna Ósk Ómarsdóttir

Is it possible to do yoga and meditation with children? Absolutely. Let Eva Dögg -- an Icelandic yoga instructor -- and her daughter Nóra show you how.

Meet Eva Dögg

During the last few weeks we’ve collaborated with the amazing Icelandic Yoga & Meditation Instructor Eva Dögg.

Eva Dögg has two children and has incorporated the amazing aspects of yoga into her family’s daily life. Her children already know different breathing techniques, meditation and how to ground themselves, which is a beautiful thing to have in the world as it is today and to bring into their future 💕⁠
We've posted weekly videos on our Instagram TV and Facebook pages where Eva Dögg and her daughter Nóra have taught us different techniques.

Eva Dogg and Nora

In this blog we've added the first two videos for you to watch: A yoga session video and a quick meditation that suits well for kids.

In the coming weeks we'll post additional videos to our blog, where we'll talk about Ujjayi breathing and teach you the technique.

We hope you’re been able to learn new things from these tutorials and incorporate rituals into your life. Those rituals can improve both mental and physical health and your family’s well-being 💛⁠⠀

Yoga Session with Kids

Yoga session with Eva and Nora

In this video the goal is to teach families to do yoga together. The easiest and most fun way to do yoga is to involve the kids. And Lulla doll :)

Yoga can help children in many ways, both physically and mentally. It can increase their coordination, flexibility and strength, while also decreasing anxiety and helping them feel more calm.

Eva’s and Nóra’s favourite way to do yoga together is to create a story and tell the story through yoga poses. It’s best to create the story together - and then find out how to mix poses and breathing into the story.

If you’re not in the mood for storytelling, the kids can be the teacher and teach the grown-ups yoga or do yoga-dances.

Try to avoid power-struggle. If the parents or one of the siblings is trying to control everything the atmosphere will not be right during the session.
It’s good to allow everyone to control in some way or create the practice together, so everyone feels involved.

In this video Eva Dögg and Nóra will tell you a story about a butterfly.

Note: It’s very normal that children don’t keep focus the whole time, but we can keep them interested by creating a great story and changing poses frequently, while allowing them to find their own boundaries.

Quick Meditation for Kids

Kids Meditation

In this video Eva Dögg and Nóra will teach you a quick meditation practice.

During meditation your child can choose whether she/he wants to lie down or sit.

In this meditation we close the eyes, put one hand on the heart and one on the stomach. That way we feel our own breathing (stomach) and the heart beating (chest).

- Lulla doll is a great tool to incorporate into mediation, as the sound unit plays real live breathing and heartbeat -

Take 3 deep breaths - then 1 deep breath and hold it - feel the heart beat. We can tap on the chest in the same rhythm as our heart while we hold the breath - and then exhale.

We can do this with Lulla doll, use the doll as a tool to guide us through the breathing. It’s great to do this before we go to bed or if we need to relax and feel better

- Namaste -

Lulla doll

Lulla doll


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