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I purchased this doll in desperation for my one year old to sleep. We are a few days in and she has slept from 7-10pm and then from 11:30-6am. Thank you so much. It also has a soothing affect on me too!!!!

My baby loves her baby. She would hold my arm while sleeping and now with her baby she sleeps through the night holding her baby. It’s a great comforter

This was a gift for my grandson who had a hard time sleeping. Now when he’s tired he gets the doll and lays down.

We love this doll and now have 3. One for home, one for our second home and a backup.

My son is 19 months and LOVES his Lulla doll that he got for Christmas. He has slept with her every nap and nighttime since that day and has carried her around all day long in between. She is so soft and cuddly, and the sounds she plays are so instantly soothing. It has helped immensely as we moved to a new house and transitioned him to his own room. Definitely will be recommending to all my mama friends! 💜

I'm so grateful for this doll. It has helped my son stay in his crib for longer periods of time and it's very soothing and comforting. Definitely a good buy. I especially like that it stays on for 12 hours

My daughter loves the soothing sounds of this doll. We got this when she was two months old and she was sleeping through the night! Even through a sleep regression I’m able to put her back in her crib with no problems!

My daughter got a lulla doll as a gift when she was only about 2/3 weeks old & honestly has been the best gift EVER! Lulla doll is always next to my baby girl whether she is sleeping or not, the heart beat & soft breathing help her through out the day. I recommend a lulla doll for anyone having a baby!

Our baby girl loves her baby. You can barely see her cuddled up close. Every night she’s like this.

My little granddaughter was having trouble sleeping and I saw this sweet doll on Facebook. I took a chance and got it for her. When I gave it to her, she immediately grabbed it, hugged it and would NOT let it go! I hadn't even turned on the heartbeat or breathing but when I did at naptime, she pulled the doll close to her and was asleep in minutes!

I purchase this for my granddaughter who is two years old. And she loves this little doll. She is sleeping so much better. Thank you so very much

Sooo I love this doll but I love the older version ! My 2 year old has the old version which is lighter and smaller in the sense of chunky wise ! My 8 month old has the new version and it just isn’t the same it’s heavy and not as functional for a baby to hold you can see both dolls in action while my oldest has had his since 6 months old it’s amazing and I really wish I could get a older one over this new one I got :(

Nella loves her Lulla doll, lovingly named ‘Lucy Fir’! She helps comfort as she goes to sleep. Although Nella still wakes during the night, Lucy helps settle after.

An improvement!
Went from waking every 3-4 hours to sleeping 6-7. I’ll take it 😊

This is a beautifully made doll! It is so soft and cuddly and I believe it helps my daughter to get to sleep.

My 9 year old has anxiety at bedtime, and has a difficult time relaxing. She feels like she can’t breathe. I ordered a Lulla doll, hoping my girl would use it. My daughter turns on the doll at bedtime and focuses on the breathing sounds. She has a much easier time going to sleep now. I am beyond happy with my purchase! Thank you so much for creating this doll!!

My daughter got this as a gift and it's been a life changer! When she's fighting sleep, turn on the Lulla Doll and she's found asleep.

We didn’t get her until our daughter was 6 months however now they are inseparable. RoRo has made a huge difference to our little girl settling herself at night and to her having better naps.

The doll has been helpful and helping my colic, teething baby go to sleep. It even came with us to visit a near by seaside town. It saves me using up my phone battery and data to play white noise from YouTube or apps.

We welcomed our little girl, Joanna, last May. And because we only have a 2 bedroom home she has a little nook in our room. And as someone who tries her best to get as much rest as she possibly can I wanted to make sure Joanna was comfortable and relaxed when it came to her nighttime ritual 🏼 Lulla is our saving grace!
My most memorable LullaMoment was a couple days ago. Joanna came down with a bug; super fussy, fidgety, and overall unconsolable.
So I laid her down in her crib with her blanket and Lulla...she stopped crying, rolled over to Lulla and conked right out. She slept for 3hrs. When I say I appreciate this doll, that is an understatement. We’ve had her since birth and I am so happy we invested in her.
**picture of Joanna and Lulla during her cold**

Thank you for making such an amazing companion for our little boy. One wasn’t enough so we ended to ensure we had plenty of backups.. Wishing you guys a beautiful and blessed new year from The Gerges family in Australia

Lulla doll

The baby who doesn’t nap napped today thanks to her new Lulla Doll ❤️

Our daughter loves her doll. She has slept a bit better since she has had her. We don't let her sleep by herself with it just yet because she is too young, but it works well just outside of her crib. She will cuddle and fall asleep with it and then we transfer her to the crib and she stays asleep for a few hours up to 9.5hrs! It also helped her relax on her 1st plane ride. We love the doll!

I bought this for my 2 year old grandson. Mom and dad are trying to get him to sleep in his own room since he has a little sister coming soon. I bought this for him so he wouldn't feel alone. He calls it is night night baby. I of course bought the granddaughter one also. :)

Sawyer loves his doll.He loves to sleep with it.