Preemie month 2019

"Vilji was born 9 weeks prematurely and had to stay at the NICU for 6 weeks.
He received a Lulla doll as a gift and she has been great for Vilji and us, the parents.

Vilji slept very well with Lulla doll and it gave us a peace of mind when leaving him during the nights, knowing that he would be calm and safe.

He still sleeps with his Lulla doll, now many months later.

We are very thankful for Lulla doll and appreciate the gift we were given <3"
- Hilma, Iceland, March 2019

Vilji is now over 1 years old and still a Lulla doll fan 💕


"Thank you for the Lulla doll. She’s amazing

My son was born after 28 weeks and 5 days pregnancy and had to stay at the NICU for 2 months. He received Lulla when he was around 1 months old and had already been moved out of his incubator into a cradle.

We feel that Lulla doll helping a lot and I especially felt it when she was out of batteries at the hospital. When that happened we felt that our son was more restless. He felt very good when Lulla’s sound was playing while with him in the cradle.  We always turned Lulla doll on when we had to leave him in the evenings and sometimes during the day as well.

We are home now and usually it’s enough to lay my son down in his bed at night and turn Lulla doll on. He falls asleep by himself. Also after breastfeeding in the night. Now he knows that Lulla is related to sleep and we felt it was very important to not forget to take Lulla doll with us the first time we spent a night somewhere else than at home. We still feel impact when Lulla is out of batteries. Sometimes I forget to change the batteries for a few days and I definitely see that he sleeps worse. His sleep is not as deep during these days and he wakes up more frequently

Our experience using Lulla doll has definitely been VERY positive"
- Finna Birna

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