Ujjayi Breathing and Grounding with Kids

Ujjayi Breathing and Grounding with Kids

Eva Dögg, yoga instructor, tells us about Ujjayi breath in this blog and teaches us the Ujjayi breath (ocean breath) Lulla doll plays. The blog also includes a longer session with grounding, breathing and meditation that kids can participate in.

About Ujjayi Breathing

- Setja video 1657 hér

Lulla doll plays a real life recording of heartbeat and breathing. The special breathing you here from Lulla doll is an ocean breath, the Ujjayi Pranayama, which means “victorious breath”.

This breathing has many benefits.

In yogic practices Ujjayi breath slows the pace of the breath, improves longevity and also cleanses and refreshes the Nadis. According to traditional Indian medicine the Nadis are the energy channels in the body.

Ujjayi breath promotes good and deep sleep. It helps you relax and promotes mental clarity and focus. It improves the memory and boosts the immune system.

It’s great to do this breathing technique with kids.

You can start already yourself when the children are small and you are putting them to sleep. When they listen to your breath, or Lulla doll’s breath, it relaxes them and helps them fall asleep faster.

Ujjayi Breathing Session

- Setja video 1658 hér

Lulla doll plays a real life recording of heartbeat and Ujjayi breathing, which might sound like Darth Vader to some people :)

In this video Eva Dögg does a great 5 minute breathing session with us, where she teaches us the Ujjayi breath (ocean breath) Lulla doll plays.

While doing the Ujjayi breath listen to the sound you are making, as the sound, which reminds us of the ocean, is very relaxing and heals the mind and our body.

Ujjayi breathing and meditationGrounding, Breathing and Meditation for Kids

- Setja video 0457 hér

We'll finish our yoga-video session for now with grounding, breathing and meditation, all in one great video.

In this video with Eva Dögg and Nóra we start by counting and grounding ourselves. This helps us find our center - to find our peace.

Eva and Nóra will then guide us through a short breathing technique, which all kids will probably love to try out.

After this breathing session we’ll feel that we are still grounded - and we remind ourselves of how we are centered.

The video ends with a great meditation, with the Mantra: Sa-Ta-Na-Ma.

- Namaste -

Eva Dögg

Thank you so much Eva Dögg for educating us and for allowing us to participate in your and Nóra's yoga and meditation sessions.

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