How to enjoy a relaxing time with your baby this Christmas

How to enjoy a relaxing time with your baby this Christmas


Remembering to relax and rest is so important when you are a new parent. Here are a number of tips to help you enjoy Christmas time with your baby.

Decorate your home

It does not have to be much. Your baby will love to look at the decorations and lights. Just be sure that the decorations are out of reach and baby safe. 

Take walks in nature

It is wonderful to get away from it all and take walks in nature with friends and family.  It can be both relaxing and energizing at the same time. I like using a baby carrier when walking in nature so I am free to walk off the path. I love my Manduca carrier  but there are many other great brands out there. 


It is also great to take walks together as a family after dinner and look at all the Christmas decorations in your neighbourhood. If you have a child that enjoys driving around you could also check out the neighbourhoods close by. In Iceland we would definitely add a stop to the ice cream store as we think it never gets too cold for ice cream.  

Take baths

Warm baths are my favorite. For babies older than three months you can add natural oils for skin moisture and natural essential oils. For older children you can add small amounts of bubble bath. I love this Infant bubble bath, it smells wonderfully of organic tangerines.


Give your baby a massage straight after the bath before putting on cute Christmas pajamas. 

You can find a lot of good tutorials online or search for classes near you. 


Get matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family… ok, maybe not relaxing, but definitely super cute. Also, just wear pajamas as much as you can during the holidays.  

Read Christmas stories

I have a book with a collection of short Christmas stories and it has become a tradition to read one story every night. I read that same book for my children every Christmas. I started when my oldest was two and he is now twelve and still loves it. 

Fresh sheets

Wash your best sheets for you and your baby so they are crispy clean on Christmas Eve. If you can, hang them to dry outdoors for extra freshness. 

Essential oils

Spray your sleep area with a mix of water and essential oils of lavender (relaxing) and mandarin (calming and rejuvenating).  Simply mix a few drops to water in a spray bottle and mist your sheets. These are safe essential oils for babies from 3 months. Make sure that you use natural, quality oils and always do a “spot test” on the skin with each new oil introduced.

Make relaxing a priority

Remember that Christmas is all about comfort and joy. Don’t let the holiday tension get to you and put relaxation and sleep on top of your to-do list. 

Use the best baby sleep aid

Remember to keep the Lulla doll close to help your baby sleep better and longer and bring added holiday comfort & joy <3 

Best wishes for a cozy and relaxed holiday season XXX
Eyrún, creator of Lulla doll


What is the Lulla doll?

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Gentle and soothing solution based on mother nature. Integrate Lulla doll into your baby’s sleep routine and use it for comfort on the go. For babies under a year old, place the Lulla doll outside of the sleep area. The natural sounds will soothe your baby and bring the comforting feeling of co-sleeping. Older children love to cuddle and bond with Lulla. It has helped thousands with sleep related challenges and to reduce anxiety and give comfort.

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