Introducing Lulla doll to babies

Introducing Lulla doll to babies

Lulla doll aims to promote a more stable heartbeat and breathing that can result in better quality sleep, longer sleeping periods, less stress levels and overall wellbeing. For some this also works to help babies calm down and to fall asleep. In an extensive user survey of the Lulla doll it was reported that 86% felt like the Lulla doll provided their children more comfort and 73% felt their children slept longer with the doll. 

Introducing Lulla to babies

For the first months of life, closeness is vital. It is recommended by pediatric guidelines that your baby sleeps in the same room with you for the first year of life. The Lulla doll can be a good addition, a second best but not as a replacement for closeness, making it a great baby sleep aid.

The benefits of the Lulla doll are to support a healthy sleeping pattern when co-sleeping is not possible. However, that does not necessarily mean they sleep without stirring or waking. According to dr. James McKenna, a leading expert in the field, babies are not designed to sleep through the night in the first six months. Most newborns don't stay asleep for more than two to four hours at a time, day or night, during the first few weeks of life. Newborns can sleep for up to 20 hours but it can be very sporadic and some sleep much less according to pediatrician Scott Cohen.

The Lulla doll will work differently for every child as babies have their own sleep personalities and just like adults some are light sleepers and others are heavy sleepers. Be realistic and patient. Most users report that it takes time to intergrate Lulla into the sleep routine and see results. For some the results are immediate but for most they are gradual. 

For babies we recommend;

  • Before giving the Lulla doll to the baby to keep it close to the skin for a few hours or overnight so that it smells of you. This gives a feeling a familiarity and comfort for the baby.
  • Placing the Lulla doll out of reach. The benefits of the doll can be experienced even though the doll is placed away from the baby as in the first months it is the sound that the baby naturally syncs with. For the first months babies do not attach to inanimate objects but they recognize human features. – attachments to comforters comes a little later.

Other tips;

  • If you feel the sound is too loud, the doll can be placed beneath a mattress, pillow or blanket.  
  • Get familiar with safe sleeping with the Lulla.

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