"The NICU nurses were in awe of the Lulla doll" – Lena's Preemie Story

“Lalli” (aka Lulla) and premature born boy Egill

Egill Örn Eiríksson was born on September 29th 2015 after 32 weeks of pregnancy.

He had to stay at the NICU during his first 3 weeks in life and shared his space with his lovely friend Lulla doll, or “Lalli”, as we named him.

When Egill Örn was born I read about ways to ease our separation (both for him and us), since we couldn’t stay with him at the NICU during the night. We decided to purchase Lulla doll and we don’t regret that decision. The doll was put in a bag and left inside the incubator with Egill. They seemed to get along very well.

Egill Örn thrived very well at the NICU and was quickly moved from the incubator to a cradle. I think Lalli (aka Lulla) was relieved to get out of the bag and be able to cuddle with Egill all day and night. The Lulla doll’s sounds were soothing for both Egill and his mom, me. The NICU nurses were in awe of the Lulla doll and checked out his cradle to see where the breathing sounds were coming from, which could be heard all over the room. By coincidence another child at the same room at the NICU also had a Lulla doll, so they breathed together for our little boys :) 

Egill thrived so well that the friends Lalli and Egill were graduated from the NICU when Egill had only reached 35 weeks of pregnancy, or when he became 3 weeks old. Having Lalli with Egill at the NICU while we couldn’t stay with him gave us relief. The nurses helped us turn the doll on so Egill could listen to the breathing and heartbeat, and I’m sure it gave him added feeling of security and that we were still with him.

Lulla doll and Egill

Lulla and Egill have been inseparable for 3 years

For the next 2 years Lulla’s comforting sounds were on during every night and every nap. After Egill started at kindergarten we took the sound unit out though. Now they cuddle together in silence and will probably do in the next years to come. Lalli gives a feeling of security and well-being.

In the last 3 years Egill and Lalli have been inseparable. Lalli has been brought to daycare and kindergarten every day and travels with us abroad and when we go camping :D

We couldn’t be more happy with our Lulla doll, Lalli, and I recommend it to everyone who’s looking for something that will bring security to their child.

- Lena Björk

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