"Lulla doll has turned my nighttime nightmare into a dream" - Jody's story

We received an email in May, last year, from a happy customer of our one of a kind sleep companion, the Lulla doll. We receive many of those emails every week, telling us how well the doll works for their child, be it in sleeping longer, falling asleep or as a comforting companion. We appreciate these stories so much and they truly make our work worthwile! All of the stories are unique and special but some stories become extra special to us. Jody's story has become one of those, especially since she has been updating us since we received the first email in May.

We want to share Jody's story with you as it shows how Lulla doll can help in the long term.


May 2017

"My sweet little boy (14 months) is not a "sleeper". I had been getting up with him several times every night and as a working mom, I was exhausted. I bought Lulla doll out of sheer desperation. While we haven't had any miracles (like instantly sleeping through the night in his crib) we have made improvement! He will now sleep for longer stretches of time before becoming restless and goes back to sleep faster and easier. The best part is he LOVES his "baby night night" and instantly bonded with the doll. I am hoping we continue to make progress as he is definitely comforted by his lulladoll."

We love getting honest feedbacks. Often it takes some time to get adjusted to the doll, as with all new things. We therefore encourage our users to give the doll some time, although it doesn't do any "magic" in the beginning and even if it seems like it's not helping at all. Of course all children are different, just as we adults are, and we do not guarantee that the doll works for everyone. However, we have seen Lulla helping children more and more over a few weeks period.

August 2017

"I just wanted to send you an update. About a month after I sent my original comments, my son started sleeping through the night for 12 hours! I think that the Lulladoll was key to this success. On nights when the battery dies or if Lulladoll needs washing, he is much more restless until things are restored to "normal". He even puts himself to bed by getting his blanket, paci, and "baby night night" and telling us he wants "night night". The difference this has made for me as a working mom has been amazing. I get much more rest and am able to relax in the evening knowing I will likely get a good night sleep. Thank you for creating such an amazing product. I recommend Lulla doll to all of my friends with babies."

We were so happy hearing from Jody again when we received this second email in August. Not only were we happy that her son was sleeping better but also to hear that the doll was helping Jody feel better. We feel that it is so important for parents to keep doing what they love to do after having children. It is vital that we keep our "identity", that we are not "just" a mother/father as well as being able to have fun without our kids. 

For some of us it's important to keep engaged in our hobbies, for others it's important to keep meeting friends regularly and for many of us it's important to continue working.

Whatever it is that we want to do it is vital that we don't feel guilty leaving our children with another caretaker, whatever the reason is for feeling that way, or that we are too tired to be even able to go out of the house. We believe Lulla might help in these cases. Jody is one of the working moms that has told us how the doll has helped them. In her case with feeling more rested and ready to go to work.


January 2018

"Almost 2 and still loving his Lulla Doll! 

Thank you for this wonderful creation that has turned my nighttime nightmare into a dream! Most nights he goes to bed with very little fuss and sleeps all night with his baby (10-12 hours).

I seriously think the Lulla Doll is amazing and it has helped us so much. As a working mom getting rest is sooo important for me to be at my best each day. He loves his baby and she goes everywhere with us. When he gets upset or frustrated during the day he will go and get his Lulla doll to help calm himself. There are still nights when he needs extra snuggles or to sleep with me for a little while especially when he is sick or we have had an extra busy day but since I am getting a good night sleep most nights, I am more than happy to have that special time with him."

After receiving the third email from Jody we decided to share her story with you all. We truly feel that everyone should be aware of the fact that there CAN be a solution out there for you and your child. Whether it is Lulla or something else we highly recommend that you read honest reviews from parents that have tried those things. And from working moms to other working moms: We REALLY love our children, but we also REALLY love going to work, especially after a good night's sleep.

- RoRo team

What makes the Lulla doll unique?

Lulla imitates closeness with its soft feel, humanlike features and soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat. Lulla's unique design is based on scientific research on the positive effects of closeness, especially the sounds of heartbeat and breathing. These are:

  • Longer periods of uninterrupted sleep
  • More stable heartbeat and breathing rhythm
  • Increased wellbeing and lowered stress

Lulla doll helps children with:

• Falling asleep
• Staying asleep
• Self soothing
• Longer naps
• Comfort on the go
• Transition to their own room 
• Switching to a bigger bed
• Feeling more safe and comforted

… and so much more.


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