What to bring to the hospital

What to bring to the hospital

There are many things that need to be thought of and prepared for before a new person comes into the world. One of the things that many feel is good to prepare in timely manner is the hospital bag. Especially since this new person doesn't tell us when he/she will exactly be arriving!

When preparing what to take to the hospital it can be good to talk to friends that have gone through this process before. Mommy groups (or pregnancy groups) also often share good information and Google can be handy, as in many cases. We also feel that it can be helpful to talk to professionals within your area or preferably within the hospital. It is different between countries and even cities/places what the hospital offers for the mother and the child.

However, in order help you in creating a somewhat ready list of what to bring to the hospital, we have put together a list of what we at RoRo brought ourselves and what our friends and the company's followers have told us they brought.
We recommend adding as much as you can to the bag early on (for example from week 35) but keeping a note on top of the bag with a list of things you are still using and can't pack already. It's also helpful to tell your partner that it is his/her job to pack those last few items when the moment comes, as you will have enough to think about at that moment!

The List

We, of course, feel that Lulla is an essential item for the hospital bag. Here are some other things you might want to bring:

For the parents:

Your own birth playlist (might want to find out what kind of player is available)
Lip balm (this is a MUST)
Water bottle
Comfy clothes for the trip home
Bath rope and pyjamas
Underwear and/or sanitary pads/pants (if not provided)
Breast feeding clothes including a bra
Socks and slippers
Toothbrush and cream
Wet towels for the face or other cleaning products for the skin
Hairbrush, shampoo & conditioner
Other cosmetics, such as deodorant and hair products
Lanolin cream (can be used for more than the breasts, for example dry skin)
Powerade and/or other drinks and food
Massage oil (good to prepare some helpful massage tips for the partner)
Charger for the phone
Camera/video recorder if you own one
Money for vending machines and parking (in Iceland we have to pay for parking)
Reading material (or something else to do if things are going slowly)
Bathing clothes for the partner
Yoga ball/roller (some hospitals provide this today)
Towel (if the hospital doesn't provide that)
Hair stings and elastics
Extra clothes for the partner
Necessary papers and birth plan

For the baby:

Diapers (unless the hospital provides that)
Gauze pads (remember to used pre-boiled water for these) or baby wipes
Burp cloths
Clothes for the trip home (consider weather conditions)
Baby car seat
Pacifiers (some hospitals don't recommend using those until going home)
Carrier (for new born)

Have fun packing!
- RoRo team

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