"This doll is a life saver and I would recommend it to any expecting parent" - Agusta's Story

"We were basically ready to try almost anything if it meant a few more minutes of sleep"

In late september 2014 our second child, Vopni, was born (see the birth story on our blog). A few weeks after Vopni's birth we recognized our sleep-deprived selves from our first child, Ylfa.

Ylfa was colic as an infant and I am sure that anyone who's had a colic baby can bond with the agony and insanity that endless sleepless nights will bring you. Listening to white noise way too loudly, bouncing on a yoga ball and walking around the living room with the baby strapped on you day and night. Literally trying every trick in the book to get your baby to stop crying.

Vopni wasn't colic but he had acid reflux which made it impossible to lay him down for a nap. We had to carry him around all day long and the nights were a disaster.

We were facing the whole thing head first again only this time with a toddler to take care of as well. Needless to say, these were desperate times.

When we heard the news of the Lulla doll crowdfunding we were ecstatic and crossed our hearts that it would pull through the crowdfunding and into production as we had 100% confidence in this beautiful little doll and at this point we were basically ready to try almost anything if it meant a few more minutes of sleep.

"Our son took to the Lulla doll immediately and it had a wonderfully calming effect on him"

To our happiness the Lulla pulled through and we welcomed it into our home once the production was over and we finally got it in our hands. The wait felt like forever but oh how happy we were when it finally arrived. Vopni took to it immediately and it had a wonderfully calming effect on him. I would feed him and hold him and then lay him down with the Lulla as close to his chest as possible to mimic my presence and miraculously he wouldn't wake up immediately. Slowly he started sleeping longer stretches at a time and we could feel the return of our normal selves once we got a little break.

We bought the twin pack, back in the crowdfunding so Ylfa, our toddler, would get a doll for herself as well. She loved her from the very beginning and took care of her as her own little baby. She strapped her on and carried her around like I carried her brother and she would sleep with her at night as well. Another positive outcome we did not expect was that when she started sleeping with the Lulla doll she stopped crawling into our bed in the middle of the night. She would sleep through the night in her own bed with the Lulla doll next to her! A wonderful and welcome surprise for tired parents.

"This doll is a life saver"

Now, 4 years later we find ourselves expecting again in another couple of weeks!

Dreading the sleepless nights but armored with a serious skill set for crying babies and excited to start this new life off with her very own little Lulla doll from the very beginning! This doll is a life saver and I would recommend it to any expecting parent for the best head-start possible :)

- Ágústa (agustav.com)


What makes the Lulla doll unique?

Lulla imitates closeness with its soft feel, humanlike features and soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat. Lulla's unique design is based on scientific research on the positive effects of closeness, especially the sounds of heartbeat and breathing. These are:

  • Longer periods of uninterrupted sleep
  • More stable heartbeat and breathing rhythm
  • Increased wellbeing and lowered stress

Lulla doll helps children with:

• Falling asleep
• Staying asleep
• Self soothing
• Longer naps
• Comfort on the go
• Transition to their own room 
• Switching to a bigger bed
• Feeling more safe and comforted

… and so much more.


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