RoRo's Year in review - 2019

RoRo's Year in review - 2019

2019 has been full of events and adventures. We've shared some great moments and memories with you and we've also prepared some exciting things that will be announced in 2020!

Here are some of the highlights of 2019:

Introduced new and improved Lulla dolls

In March 2019 we introduced the new version of Lulla doll, which was developed based on feedback from thousands of parents and children. The updates included:

- 12 hour playtime
- Longer battery duration⁣
- Adjustable volume⁣
- Three different colors⁣
- Even softer and more durable fabric⁣
- Embroidered details⁣

Lulla doll is the best sleep aid for babies

Traveled from Reykjavik to New York

In April 2019 we hosted a launch event at the Gramercy Park hotel in New York. Top NY media and influencers attended our exclusive launch event and we received great response to the new Lulla dolls.

We also attended MommyCon at the Grand Hyatt NY where we met a lot of great people, children and parents who loved the Lulla doll and business partners that we've created a great relationship with and we are still working with today.

Lulla doll in New York 2019

Collaborated with great people on social media

We received great responses to the new edition of Lulla doll from parents all over the world. We are so grateful for the beautiful photographs and wonderful stories that they shared with us. Today we are still working with these amazing people on social media, mostly mothers who know what it feels like to be sleep deprived. We've also been collaborating with people we met in New York and other influencers we've connected with throughout 2019. 

It's very important to us that all reviews on Lulla doll are true and that our influencers are honest in their posts. We are therefore very proud of all the positive stories we've received from both influencers and other users as well. Thank you all!

Lulla doll influencers

More awards!

As from the beginning of Lulla doll's existence, we received a number of awards in 2019. The new version of Lulla was shortlisted for a number of awards just after it was released. We knew we had released the best sleep aid on the market, but it was great to get the affirmation from both parents and professionals in the field. In 2019 Lulla doll was chosen:

- Top Choice at Baby Maternity Magazine - Baby Dolls category
- Top Toy of the year at Creative Child Magazine - Baby Sleep Dolls category
- Best Sleep Aid, chosen by parents at the Loved by parents awards (LBP)
and also
- Best Innovative Gift, at the LBP awards.

The doll was also shortlisted for the Junior Design Awards, in the Best Toy Design 0-2 Years category.

Lulla doll baby products' awards 2019

Hello Europe! -  Kind+Jugend 2019

The new version of Lulla doll was introduced to visitors at Kind and Jugend in Germany last fall. We also showcased new products that will come to market this year. The show was wonderful and we made lots of new friends and partners.

Lulla doll at Kind und Jugend 2019

We were so proud that the Lulla doll was chosen to be placed at the Connected Kidsroom at K+J, which shows the networking of intelligent devices and their benefits. We know that a lot of people visited the CK booth and discovered our great product there. The setup also showed well how all the great products at the booth worked together.

Lulla doll at Connected Kidsroom K+J 2019

New Lulla doll partners

In 2019 the Lulla doll network became even bigger than before. We now have new distributors in Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, France, Lithuania and Estonia, Poland, Greece and Cyprus, Check Republic and Slovakia. All these distributors have made it possible for a large part of European residents to purchase Lulla doll in nearby stores. Lulla doll is also available in new stores in additional countries, such as the UK and Canada.

New Lulla doll stockists 2019

Close to our hearts 

Donations have always been very important to us. The doll was originally designed to support prematurely born children, giving them the feeling that someone is always close by, while staying at the NICU.

The doll has helped children in NICUs all over the world and we’ve seen the impact the doll can have on preemies first hand.

In 2019, we worked with Preemie Brothers during the preemie month. The project is still ongoing and can be supported in the beginning of 2020 also.

Lulla doll donations 2019

In 2019 we also participated on Willem Day, on January 10th, the day that Willem Kees was born, a little boy who passed away more than two years ago. We donated 25 dolls, which were given to Lois Hole Hospital in Edmonton, Canada.

Willem's mother has now started a program in her community, “The Fearfully & Wonderfully made Project” and we've decided to participate by donating dolls again, for Willem Day 2020. The dolls were received by the family in December 2019 and will be given to newborn babies on January 10th this year.

Additionally dozens of dolls were given to charities in 2019, such as to children staying at hospitals all over the world, homes for chronically sick children, foster children and other children with special needs.

Raising awareness on World Prematurity Day

During the Prematurity Awareness Month organizations and individuals all around the world help raise awareness about the seriousness of premature birth. November 17th, the World Prematurity Day, is the largest awareness day during this month.

Purple lights have become a symbol of World Prematurity Day. Beautiful buildings and structures all over the world have been  lit up in purple throughout the years on November 17th.

On the World Prematurity Day 2019 we at RoRo took the initiative to light up iconic buildings in purple in Iceland to raise awareness for the cause. 

World Prematurity Day 2019 Iceland

We love you Lulla doll family 

We couldn't do all this without you. In 2019, as from the beginning of Lulla doll's existence, we received beautiful photos from users all over the world who love Lulla doll and have even shared with us how the doll has helped them through rough times <3 We've connected with users on a deeper level than we ever hoped for, being able to follow children throughout the years and see how they've grown, with their Lulla dolls by their side the whole time. We've received messages from parents of children going through hospital visits, sickness and hard times. It's hard to see how many people have to go through these challenges, but it gives us so much to see that Lulla can help children find comfort during these times. We really hope that 2020 will give us more opportunities to help children all over the world sleep better and feel more comforted. We look forward to sharing more news and memories with you in 2020!

Parents all over the world love Lulla doll

Wishing you a prosperous year filled with joy, precious family moments… and lots of good sleep. 

With love from all of us at RoRo

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